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BE a motivating manager

You manage a team and are committed to inspiring amazing work while making sure your team members are happy.

be an authentic leader

You might be a manager or executive. Maybe not. Having the title doesn’t make it you leader. It’s how you choose to create your life.

up your Team's success

You’re looking to grow as a team. You’re vying to create more, do more, and feel amazing while you do it. I can help with that.

Hi, I’m Rachel.

Mindfulness & Leadership Coach

I’m a curious, creative leader with a passion for people and culture, communication skills, performance and leadership development, and entrepreneurship. Currently, I lead a global People Team at a media company called Devex. I’m also a Mindfulness & Leadership coach. Since 2017, I’ve coached professionals from small startups to universities to large multinational corporations. I love coaching because human potential is my center. How can we access our full potential to live meaningful, fulfilling lives? Lives that connect to our career. Because our lives don’t stop when we’re at work. I’ve made it my life’s work to answer this question and guide others on their journey towards a meaningful life where potential is realized. It’s an honor and privilege to coach people to create new opportunities, unlock their potential, and achieve their big life aspirations. 


AREAS OF Expertise


Emotional Intelligence


Intercultural Communication

Employee onboarding

Employee Engagement

Change Management

performance Management

leadership skills

interpersonal skills

Workshop Facilitation

L&D Program Development

Approach & Values

I coach using the Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership Models while following the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) code of ethics. As your coach, I know that you’re whole, resourceful, and creative.

Through our sessions, I’ll help you stretch your ways of thinking and reflecting, go beyond your comfort zone, and grow. Simply put, our time together will help you to better understand your own journey—to help you design your own life’s goals by rediscovering your courage to be your authentic self and to create what you want to create.

"After having sessions with Rachel, I started connecting English to my personal goals. She encourages me to stay on course. Her advice is to the point and varied from small tips to fundamental techniques, such as mindfulness. I am enjoying the process towards my goals."

Rumi, HR Manager

"In just a few months I’ve already seen great progress. Rachel is actually one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She’s goal oriented, focused, comprehensive, punctual and, more importantly, loves what she does! The lessons are at the same time easy-going but very focused. "

Marcelo, VP Business Development & Partnerships

"I’m happy that Rachel is with me on this trip. She is easy to talk to. She is listening carefully. She is encouraging and even inspiring. But what I like the most is that whatever you are doing or saying isn’t going unnoticed. You regularly get feedback on your progress."

Volker, Writer-Producer

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