Highlighted Projects & Responsibilities

Student Success & Operations Lead | Springboard

People & Culture

  • Designed and implemented company hiring process
  • Ran full-cycle recruiting for the Student Success & Ops Team
  • Developed onboarding experience and onboarded new team members
  • Planned and held quarterly in-person networking events for our team and online student and mentor communities
  • Founded the Culture Club and organized team activities
  • Organized logistics and oversaw international company retreats
  • Provided training to improve intercultural competence and communication skills on the team
company retreat Malaysia 2017
Company Retreat thailand 2016
  • Managed and supported the Student Success & Ops team
  • Held bi-weekly 1:1s with the team members to help cultivate their skills and grow their career
  • Designed and implemented an automated student onboarding process, nurture campaign for active students, and a completion flow
  • Scaled our organization’s Student Success team with an average 96% “Excellent” happiness rating (see story)
  • Created and monitored dashboards of real-time metrics
  • Managed day-to-day operations (e.g., enrollment, student advising and support, and company processes and policies
  • Managed projects across Student Ops, Mentor Ops, Marketing, Product, Course Dev, and Engineering teams

OPERations & Scaling

Student success

  • Supervised the Student Success team
  • Advised 2000+ international and domestic students
  • Defined and implemented student advising best practices
  • Created learning plan to offer student support and learning in an online environment
  • Analyzed student metrics and implemented action plan which improved retention by +15%
  • Launched a tailored online community for our students, alumni, and mentors to increase engagement

MARKETING & Admissions

  • Created 35 unique student success stories
  • Increased CourseReport student reviews from 14 to 48 with an average 4.92/5 rating
  • Grew Switchup student reviews from 0 to 13 with an average 4.9/5 rating
  • Managed video production of two student stories
  • Oversaw and managed the Data Science Career Track Admissions; exceeded admissions goals by 150%

A Word from MONIQUE

Product Manager @ Springboard

“Rachel is in the top 1% of people I have ever worked with! During her time at Springboard, where she was our Head of Student Success & Operations, she was an absolute superstar. She is especially strong at building out and executing processes from scratch, empathizing with teammates and customers, organization/planning, and understanding how her team’s work aligns with business goals. Rachel takes a ton of initiative to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and she always makes sure that her team is happy with her warm personality.

One of the best projects I have ever seen executed was when Rachel convinced our entire team of 30 people to adopt Asana, a project management tool. Before this happened, we were using many channels of communication to manage our work. After Rachel talked with internal team members to hear their thoughts, analyzed the problems, and did research about different tools, she created a detailed framework and process from scratch that enabled our team to become much more productive with better ways of communication through Asana. This completely transformed the way that we worked on the team, and we are all so grateful that Rachel led the charge on the project.

I am honored to recommend Rachel for any future role, with a special focus in Operations/Customer Success. She is incredibly sharp, thoughtful, and a positive influence in any environment!”

A Word from Catherina

Student Operations Lead @ Springboard

“I reported directly to Rachel in my first job out of college, and she set an incredibly high bar for being an inspiring manager and a fantastic team member. She took care to get to know me as a human and establish a strong relationship with me, which created a foundation of trust, an incredibly important component that I look for in a manager. When I was really stressed one month, she was able to recognize this in me and have a discussion around it. Rachel advocated for me while also encouraging me to take action on my own. She was supportive in my eagerness to get involved in various projects, and she was fantastic at setting and managing expectations.

Rachel also set a great example of the importance of balancing work and commitments outside of work. Her focus and work ethic meant she could power through things with incredible discipline without sacrificing things that she was passionate about outside of work.

Her greatest strength as a manager lies in establishing relationships and making people feel inspired and empowered. I would work under or with Rachel again any day.”