Highlighted Projects & Responsibilities

Intercultural Competence Development in Spain | University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


  • Explored the process of IC development and how to intentionally design study abroad programs to better foster IC in 1-6 weeks

  • Designed and conducted a qualitative study that explored students’ intercultural competence (IC) development in short-term study abroad

  • Collected, analyzed and categorized participant data
  • Presented the findings at a NAFSA regional conference and UW-La Crosse’s Research Week

  • Developed and facilitated immersion activities, including:
    • city treasure hunts
    • day trips
    • movie nights
    • journaling
    • critical reflection sessions
  • Collaborated with professors to integrate cultural programming into course syllabus



  • Planned future program goals with Marketing Department
  • Designed and implemented a program assessment to understand students needs 
  • Made program recommendations based on program assessment feedback